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The RPL report is submitted to the Australian Computer Society(ACS) so that they can assess the skills of the candidates who want to apply for migration to Australia. The professional authority that is working there will assess the submitted report in detail and check whether the mentioned skills are matching as per the standard set by the Australian guidelines. So, it becomes very important for the applicants from all around the world to prepare the report in the way as mentioned by the authorities in the guidelines.

RPL assessment sample for ICT Professionals

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Applicants who are eager to migrant to Australia should have required skills before they can migrate. They need to submit a report called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to Australian Computer Society (ACS) so as to assess their skills as per the requirement. This will surely enhance the chances of getting the report accepted by the authorities. To migrate to Australia, the candidate should have the maximum number of skills as mentioned in the guidelines set by the authorities working at Australian Computer Society. ACSRPL Australia provides RPL reports along with ACS RPL Samples according to the guidelines provided by ACS.

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We will provide ACS RPL Samples along with the two project report and additionally, the ‘Key Areas of Knowledge’ segment topped off in a fitting way.


The applicants have to submit two project reports as the confirmation of their level of knowledge and skill. The two sections are Key areas of Knowledge and RPL Project Report.

Section 1: Key Areas of Knowledge

Key Areas of Knowledge has been developed from the ACS Core Body of Knowledge as a guide for applicants who have not acquired a formal ICT qualification equivalent to an Australian Degree or Diploma but spent a substantial period of time in professional-level ICT employment and wish to apply for an ICT Skills Assessment via the RPL assessment process.

A. Essential Core ICT Knowledge

Topic I – ICT Professional Knowledge

Sub topics: Ethics, Professional Expectations, Teamwork Concepts and Issues, Communication, Societal Issues

Topic II – ICT Problem Solving

Sub topics: Modelling Methods, Process to understand problems, Methods and tools for handling abstraction

B – General ICT Knowledge

Topic III – Technology Resources

Sub topics:  Hardware and Software Fundamentals, Data and Information Management, Data Communications and Networking

Topic IV – Technology Building

Sub topics: Human Factors, Programming, Information Systems Development and Acquisition

Topic V – ICT Management

Sub topics: IT Governance and Organizational Issues, IT Project Management, ICT Service Management, Security Management

Section 2: RPL Project Reports

The applicant is required to submit two reports; one must pertain the project undertaken within last three years, and the other one must be of project undertaken within the last five years. Following are the key points to be explained in both the projects.

A. Project Summary

  • Roles and responsibilities in the project as per the ANZSCO Code

B – Business Opportunity or Problem

  • Description of the business opportunity or problems addressed in this project

C – Solution

  • Discussion about contribution to the solution, project or engagement
  • Description of design or problem solving methods used on this project
  • Major deliverable of the project

D – Results

  • Implementation of solution
  • Assessment about the overall success or failure of the project
  • Lessons learned
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