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We provide the finest employment reference letter sample for Australia immigration process. The candidates who don’t have qualification on ICT sector have to submit RPL project report along with employment reference letter to Australian Computer Society(ACS). So, the candidates with non ICT degree can prove their competency and can get positively assessed in ACS Skills Assessment. ACS performs skills evaluation based on applicants’ knowledge, skill and work experience.

Employee reference code Australia

Candidates with non ICT degrees or insufficient ICT qualifications are required to submit the RPL project report along with employment reference letter to Australian Computer Society (ACS) in order to prove their capability according to the ACS standard and get positively assessed in ACS Skills Assessment. It serves as proof of the candidate’s work experience and knowledge applied in the nominated field of occupation. It includes a detailed work history of at least seven years in the nominated occupation which is considered to be qualified for ACS RPL Application. The factor that counts towards RPL are:
Paid or unpaid work in Australia or overseas, On-the-job training
, Other qualifications from Australia or overseas, Community or voluntary work and Hobbies, sport and leisure activities.

Employment reference letter

Work experience must be at an expert ICT level and applicable to the designated occupation to be surveyed as appropriate for migration skills assessment. Employment reference letter rules to follows:

  • Specific dates in a DD/MM/YYYY format for the total duration of the employment.
  • Position in the specified field of employment
  • Duties performed during the employment
  • Previously played roles and responsibilities should be specified– if applicable
  • Working hour – Full time/Part-time and actual hours worked per week
  • Specify the country employment was undertaken
  • Organization Letterhead marked by the approved individual (digital signatures acceptable and must be verifiable)

Here at ACSRPLReport.com, we will provide our clients with Employment Reference letter samples submitted by our previous client and have been proven to get assessed positively. You can also download the letter samples and use them for reference purposes.

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