RPL for ACS Skill Assessment 

rpl for acs skill assessment

The ACS migration skills assessment can be achieved if your educational qualifications and work expertise are of ICT level. It must be closely associated with the appointive occupation (ANZSCO) for migration functions.

Requirements, course units, employment episodes are determined if it is considered an ICT professional unit or not. This assessment outcome can confirm if the qualification may be a Major, Minor, or if the ICT content is insufficient.

Non ICT Qualification comparable to AQF Diploma or Higher

If your qualification is from AQF Diploma or higher with insufficient ICT content, you will require six years of relevant work experience completed from your past working days. which provides the earliest skill date)

No Tertiary Qualification (work-experience )

If you do not hold any tertiary qualification, you will require eight years of relevant work experience completed from your past working days. (Which provides the earliest skill date).

RPL for Australia Immigration

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an evaluation of skills of an individual person, who do not hold ICT qualifications or any tertiary ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society (ACS) take such candidate to have necessary skills before they migrate to Australia. For this reason, ACS first assesses the applicants with non- ICT or ICT that is not sufficient. The ICT professionals have to reveal their qualifications with work experience to the ACS for Australian Skills Migration. So this is the reason, that the candidate without any tertiary ICT qualification have to submit ACS RPL Report Form.

ACS Skill assessment gives an opportunity to non- ICT qualified professionals to showcase their skills. It also helps them to show that they have an equivalent amount of skills and how they acquired those skills. They can also explain different many areas in which they have acquired knowledge on the “Key Areas of Knowledge” section of ACS RPL report. This section was formed by ACS Knowledge body for those applicants who do not have ICT qualifications that are equivalent to that of degree or a diploma in Australian universities/college but have several years of experience in professional ICT sector. These type of applicants can apply for ICT Skills Assessment Skills Assessment through the RPL assessment process.

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RPL for ACS Skill Assessment Application Categories

  • The applicants who have the bachelor degrees but there is no ICT content on their experience and learnings. Here, they will require six years of experience in the field of ICT.
  • The applicants who have all the know-how of ICT content but no educational degree support it. Here the candidate will require eight years of professional experience in ICT.
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ACS Skill Assessment Requirement

The applicants are required to submit two Project Reports through ACS Project Report Form (RPL) for RPL assessment. Each report must provide a information of a career in the employment history with sufficient detail in applying the claimed knowledge in a working situation. Sufficient detail must be provided to show all information of ICT knowledge gained during applicant’s ICT employment. We provide a fair amount of RPL Samples for reference purpose.

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