RPL Skill Assessment -Step By Step Walk-Through

RPL Skill Assessment -step-by-step Walk-Through

Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an authorized organization that undertakes skill assessments for skilled migration. Their role is to assess the skills and qualifications of ICT professionals who are considering immigration to Australia to work in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Australian ICT experts expect to meet the standards of the ACS Code of Ethics and the ACS Code of Professional Conduct. Applicants’ documents and claimed qualifications will be accepted once verified and validated.

RPL Skill Assessment Process

The ACS migration skills assessment can be assessed if your educational qualifications and work expertise are of ICT level and is closely associated with the appointive occupation (ANZSCO) for migration functions.

  • Requirements, course units, and employment episodes are determined if it is considered an ICT professional unit or not. This assessment outcome can confirm if the qualification may be a Major, Minor, or if the ICT content is insufficient.

ACS RPL report writing

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is an assessment of the skills of a person that is not associated with any type of ICT degree qualification.

Australian Computer Society (ACS) necessitates such candidates to have the listed skills before they can apply for the assessment. ACS first assesses such applicants with non-ICT or ICT that is not sufficient. The ICT professionals must list their claimed qualifications with proper work experience. So this can be the explanation why the candidate that lacks tertiary ICT qualification is compelled to submit the ACS RPL Report Form. ACS allows NON-ICT qualified professionals to showcase their skills.

Basic categories:

  1. The applicants with no ICT background but have a bachelor’s degree require six years of experience in the field of information communication technology.
  2. The applicants with an ICT background but no educational degree to support the claim requires eight years of professional experience in information communication technology.

Guidelines as provided by ACS

The candidates are required to demonstrate how they acquired their ICT knowledge and submit a total of two Project Reports within an RPL application – ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form.

  • A detailed description of a career episode with sufficient detail of evidence in applying the claimed ICT knowledge in a working situation.
  • A project performed within the last three years and another project over the previous five years should be listed
  • The depth and breadth of the claimed ICT knowledge gained during ICT employment should be recorded.
  • Plagiarized works are strictly prohibited.

ACS will screen the submitted work for plagiarism, and you have to re-submit the reports with corrections. All cited or summarized material must be referenced. The inability to unveil data for the Project Report that isn’t your own will bring about an inadmissible evaluation.

Employment reference letter

Work experience must be at an expert ICT level and applicable to the designated occupation to be surveyed as appropriate for migration skills assessment.

Employment reference letter rules to follows:

  • Specific dates in a DD/MM/YYYY format for the total duration of the employment.
  • Position in the specified field of employment
  • Duties performed during the employment
  • Previously played roles and responsibilities should be specified– if applicable
  • Working hours – Full-time/Part-time and actual hours worked per week
  • Specify the country employment was undertaken
  • Organization Letterhead marked by the approved individual ( (digital signatures acceptable and must be verifiable)

ACS RPL Report Australia

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The candidates identified with IT or computer background need to set up the RPL report for a specific ANZSCO Code while applying for Australian immigration and evaluate the capability through RPL from ACS. It is critical to choose the most fitting ANZSCO code. While selecting the ANZSCO Code, candidates need to go through the job task related to the respective ANZSCO Code. ACS skill assessment criteria ought to be met, and work assignments must be connected to the experience and work understanding to get a positive result.

It is recommended to investigate and survey the activity for the most relevant ANZSCO Codes, which are accessible on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ANZSCO Search) and Australian Computer Society (ICT ANZSCO List) sites.


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RPL Skill Assessment -Step By Step Walk-Through
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