ACS Review and Appeal Application

ACS Review and Appeal Application

ACS Review and Appeal Application


What is the ACS Review application?

A review application is basically in place to formally consider the disputed results you have with your skill assessment result. This review of application involves a series of processes undergoing re-assessment of all your documentation by a senior skill assessor. The senior assessor focuses on the comments and reasons regarding your dispute for re-assessment. Review application should include additional support documentation along with fee payable for all review assessments.

Reasons for application review

Candidates may want to submit additional documentation not included previously in the original application. Other reasons might be wanting to be assessed under a different ANZSCO code or wanting to contest the result of the ACS skills assessment.

Note: The review application should be submitted within sixty days of receiving your skill assessment result letter. The documents submitted later as a part of the review is assessed together with the previously submitted documentation. If the result letter has already been used for migration purposes, then it cannot be reviewed. The application is to be submitted by logging to your skills assessment dashboard.

Appeal Application

Appeal application is submitted if you disagree with your evaluation result and believe a blunder has been committed in your skills assessment. You ought to submit your appeal application within sixty days after receiving the skills assessment result letter. The appeal fee is payable, and only one appeal is allowed per case. If the appeal is successful, the fee is refunded.

Note: Additional documents should not be submitted in the appeal application. After the 60-day period expires, a new application is required to be submitted.

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ACS Review and Appeal Application
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