Tips on writing a perfect ACS RPL Report

Tips on writing a perfect ACS RPL Report

Tips on writing a perfect ACS RPL Report

Writing an RPL project report is not as difficult as it seems initially. You have to showcase what you have learned, how you learned it, and how you practically used what you learned to solve a problem. These are some tips on writing a perfect ACS RPL report.


Two project reports are required to be submitted by the candidates for RPL via ACS Project Report Form. In one report, there should be a mention of the project carried out in the last three years, and in another report, there should be a mention of the project required to be undertaken in the previous five years. Following are the different factors for ACS and RPL that must be taken into consideration for the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Skill Assessment:

  • The network topologies with size and installed secure facilities
  • The different methods followed at the time of project management and quality assurance
  • The candidate’s contribution to the design and implementation processes
  • The techniques implemented in system design and analysis
  • The various methods applied in file and Database design and management
  • The languages of programming utilized in different events assumed for design archetypes
  • The use of design of internet application as well as measures of security
  • The ICT managerial activities, which must provide details regarding the responsibilities’ nature

Some tips to prepare excellent RPL Report for ACS Australia

  • Identify and determine the Area of Knowledge topic that you have chosen to explain by entering the name of the Area of Knowledge topic in the box.
  • Explain, in the expandable typing area, how you have acquired the knowledge and illustrate the depth of that knowledge and skill.
  • You should NOT address all subtopics included in the Area of Knowledge in your explanation. Address at least TWO of the subtopics. Enter the subtopic name(s) in the box.
  • Be clear and concise in your explanation.
  • Restrict each explanation to no more than one to one and a half pages.

The candidates are required to demonstrate how they acquired their ICT knowledge and submit a total of two Project Reports within an RPL application – ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form.

  • A detailed description of a career episode with sufficient detail of evidence in applying the claimed ICT knowledge in a working situation.
  • A project performed within the last three years and another project over the previous five years should be listed
  • The depth and breadth of the claimed ICT knowledge gained during the ICT employment should be recorded.
  • Plagiarized works are strictly prohibited.

ACS will screen the submitted work for plagiarism, and you have to re-submit the reports with correction. All cited or summarized material must be referenced. The inability to unveil data for the Project Report that isn’t your own will bring about an inadmissible evaluation.

Tips on writing a perfect ACS RPL Report
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