ACS Reference Letter Sample for ICT Security Specialist

ACS Reference letter Sample for ICT Security Specialist

ACS Reference letter Sample for ICT Security Specialist

ICT security specialists focus on protecting an organization’s data. They develop safe electronic storage for data, ensure that data transactions are monitored, and monitor networks for security breaches. They also assist in developing secure mobile access so that information can be safely accessed remotely via mobile devices. They create policies about how staff may transmit company information using tools such as USB drives or external online data services. They are responsible for designing, testing, implementing, and monitoring security measures for the company’s systems. They provide training to related employees in security awareness, protocols, and procedures. They design and conduct security audits to ensure operational security.

Tasks of a ICT Security Specialist

  • Designing and maintaining database architecture, data structures, tables, dictionaries and naming conventions to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all data master files
  • Performing the operational establishment and preventive maintenance of backups, recovery procedures, and enforcing security and integrity controls
  • Implementing and administering database documentation, guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Testing database systems and upgrades, such as debugging, tracking, reproduction, logging and resolving all identified problems, according to approved quality testing scripts, procedures, and processes
  • Accepting responsibility for the processes, procedures and operational management associated with system security and disaster recovery planning
  • Liaising with security vendors, suppliers, service providers, and external resources; analyzing, recommending, installing and maintaining software security applications; and monitoring contractual obligations, performance delivery, and service level agreements
  • Troubleshooting and providing service support in diagnosing, resolving and repairing server-related hardware and software malfunctions, encompassing workstations and communication infrastructure
  • Preparing and maintaining documentation, policies and instructions, and recording and detailing operational procedures and system logs
  • Ensuring that the design of computer sites allows all components to fit together and work properly, and monitoring and adjusting the performance of networks
  • Continually surveying the current computer site to determine future network needs and making recommendations for enhancements in the implementation of future servers and networks

Employment Reference Letter Sample (Text Version)

Date: 19/05/2018

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that Frank Ginger was working with Micro Inc. at Keilaranta, Espoo, Finland as a Full-Time employee from Dec 1, 2006, to May 10, 2018, as an ICT Security Specialist.

His Roles and responsibilities are as follows.

ICT related roles and responsibilities

  • Seeking to build in security during the development stages of software systems, networks and data center
  • Monitor security access and provide technical support
  • Perform regular internal and external security audits.
  • Prevent network invasion by designing intruder detection and prevention systems
  • Recommend and implement security tools and anti-malware software.
  • Maintenance of corporate security procedures and policies.
  • Support in analyzing all processes and provide support to all firewalls and network
  • Secure and maintain the system by defining access privileges, control structures, and resources.
  • Detect problems by identifying abnormalities; reporting violations.

Managerial related roles and responsibilities

  • Create` and maintain all documents for all processes and manage all security technologies for information network
  • Prepare training materials and documents to increase security performance and perform various tests on all security products and systems.
  • Design and enforce all security standards and procedures in systems and design all security policies and guidelines for all system security processes.
  • Identify and resolve all problems and provide efficient training to new employees to understand all security procedures and maintain protection for all information systems.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Brandon,


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