ACS Reference Letter Sample for Network Analyst

ACS Reference Letter Sample for Network Analyst

ACS Reference Letter Sample for Network Analyst

A network analyst is a person that reviews and analyzes computer networks for design/redesign, performance, scalability and other network operations-related issues. They enforce compliance and monitor all Information Assurance policies. Their main function as a computer network analyst will be to maintain data communication networks and computer systems. They analyze and configure a company or organization’s network, hardware, and computer systems and make any necessary changes or repairs. Other duties might include updating networks and computer systems to keep them running smoothly.

Tasks of a Network Analyst

  • analyzing, developing, interpreting and evaluating complex system design and architecture specifications, data models and diagrams in the development, configuration and integration of computer systems
  • researching, analyzing, evaluating and monitoring network infrastructure to ensure networks are configured to operate at optimal performance
  • assessing and recommending improvements to network operations and integrated hardware, software, communications and operating systems
  • providing specialist skills in supporting and troubleshooting network problems and emergencies
  • installing, configuring, testing, maintaining and administering new and upgraded networks, software database applications, servers and workstations
  • providing network programming in support of specific business needs and requirements
  • preparing and maintaining procedures and documentation for network inventory, and recording diagnosis and resolution of network faults, enhancements and modifications to networks, and maintenance instructions
  • monitoring network traffic, and activity, capacity and usage to ensure continued integrity and optimal network performance

Employment Reference Letter Sample (Text Version)

Date: 02/04/2018

To whomsoever it may concern

To whomsoever it may concern This is to certify that Salim Khan was working with Amber Tech at NewDelhi, India as a Full-Time employee since Jun 4, 2011 to Nov 29, 2017 as a Network Analyst.

His Roles and responsibilities are as follows.

ICT related roles and responsibilities

  • Design, improve, and deploy computer networks and also install, configure, and upgrade system networks on a daily basis to provide proper functioning
  • Solve the technical problems that may arises in the established network systems.
  • Analyze the data to detect issues efficiently and maintain network security.
  • Troubleshoot and fix the misbehaving network related connections.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the latest and best possible technologies to develop and design the network systems.
  • Maintenance and monitor data servers, mail servers, firewalls, routers, anti-virus systems, and security appliances, and so on.
  • Integration of the internet and phone systems at the help desk to make it convenient for the staff to handle inquiries better.
  • Monitor the installation of the networks and then test and assess to find out if they are functioning well
  • Responsible for safeguarding network and data security, must possess extensive knowledge of various applications, including switching, routing, spam filtering, web servers, server clustering, virtual private network (VPN), local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), internets, intranets, and many more.
  • Must work with vendors to resolve the acute problems of a network.
  • Installing wireless networks, video surveillance, and all switches and routers

Managerial related roles and responsibilities

  • Make suggestions for purchasing of network equipment and also research and evaluate network infrastructures.
  • Providing training for all personnel to make sure that they are properly used
  • Analyze and evaluate statistics on availability and utilization of networks
  • Conduct product assessments of new or upgraded hardware and software and plan activities for tuning and capacity to improve the network resources’ performance

Sincerely yours,

Mr Victor,


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