ACS Reference Letter Sample for Network Administrator

ACS Reference Letter Sample for Network Administrator

ACS Reference Letter Sample for Network Administrator

A network administrator is responsible for installing, maintaining and upgrading any software or hardware required to efficiently run a computer network. The IT or computer network may extend to a local area network, wide area network, the Internet and intranets.Network administrators keep networks operational and monitor functions and operations within the network.Network administrators may also technically take part in the management and maintenance of desktop computers, servers, printers, switches, routers, firewalls, software implementations, security updates, VPN gateways, file servers, intrusion. They provide technical oversight of a multi-site enterprise level WAN, including planning, implementation/expansion, maintenance, and troubleshooting and also create the documentation of network configurations and cabling layouts for reference.

Tasks of a Network Administrator

  • analyzing, developing, interpreting and evaluating complex system design and architecture specifications, data models and diagrams in the development, configuration and integration of computer systems
  • researching, analyzing, evaluating and monitoring network infrastructure to ensure networks are configured to operate at optimal performance
  • assessing and recommending improvements to network operations and integrated hardware, software, communications and operating systems
  • providing specialist skills in supporting and troubleshooting network problems and emergencies
  • installing, configuring, testing, maintaining and administering new and upgraded networks, software database applications, servers and workstations
  • providing network programming in support of specific business needs and requirements
  • preparing and maintaining procedures and documentation for network inventory, and recording diagnosis and resolution of network faults, enhancements and modifications to networks, and maintenance instructions
  • monitoring network traffic, and activity, capacity and usage to ensure continued integrity and optimal network performance

Employment Reference Letter Sample (Text Version)

Date: 02/04/2018

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that Ruth Costi was working with RON Limited at Papua New Guinea as a Full-Time employee since Aug 15, 2011 to Oct 9, 2018 as a Network Administrator.

Her Roles and responsibilities are as follows.

ICT related roles and responsibilities

  • Resolve networking problems through effective implementation of preventive measures for IT network and also monitor and manage all communication
  • Determine and maintain all programs for the smooth operation.
  • Timely maintenance of the systems and program and also monitor effects on system
  • Ensure better optimization process and recommend appropriate installation of operating systems.
  • Provide consultation and training to help all users and analyze/identify all technical problems
  • Provide technical support and monitor all medium to standard technical programs
  • Support operating system and provide hardware support for the corporate and field computer systems environment and storage.

Managerial related roles and responsibilities

  • Taking recommendation of clients and specify the requirements and issues
  • Making budget for equipment and assembly costs
  • Providing training to the team members on new hardware or software.
  • Creating the documentation of network configurations and cabling layouts.
  • Research and recommend approaches for system administration tasks.

Sincerely yours,

Miss Emma,


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