Top 5 ICT jobs in Australia

Top 5 ICT jobs in Australia


The new era of technology requires candidates to come up with innovative ideas for business. It demands candidates to be able to solve complex problems and provide feasible solutions.  Technology plays a vital role in bringing changes to develop products and services that are in trends. Many business companies are starting to invest in these IT trends to be competitive in the market.

Thousands of people migrate to Australia from every corner of the world. The main motto is to get a job and settle here for a bright future. Australia’s immigration policy allows non-Australians to move to Australia and work there. However, getting a skilled migration visa is a long, challenging process. Many skilled professions from ICT fields apply for the skilled migration program. ICT program is not limited to just one field. It has a vast range of faculties. The increasing demands of IT skills are urging skilled workers to migrate to Australia, which will eventually level up their lifestyle. Here are the top five emerging ICT fields that are in huge demand.

Database administrator

The database administrator is responsible for managing the data of a company. They make sure the company can use the content whenever required. This job also includes solving complex issues regarding security measures. Demand for a database administrator is increasing and will spike 11% up to the year 2026.

  • Design and maintain various data structures, tables, architectures, etc. to maintain the level of accuracy.
  • Provide measures for data backups, recovery, and maintain tight security to avoid data breaches.

Software and Application Programmer

Their task is to develop, test, and maintain program code as per the user requirements and system needs. Demand for software and application programmer will increase by the year 2020. According to job outlook, the number of applicants in this sector has spiked over five years. The number is expected to grow even more by the year 2026.

  • Research, consult, analyze, and evaluate the system as per the program requirement
  • Help identify technology limitations in the procedures and methods applied.

Network analyst

Network analyst maintains the network components and provides network support to solve various network connectivity issues. They are also responsible for monitoring hardware and software upgrades, including operating systems and applications.

  • Evaluate sophisticated system design, modules for the development of a system.
  • Analyze and monitor infrastructures to ensure network connectivity.

IT Manager

IT Managers bridges the gap between technology and business development. Their task is to create new ideas on how to grow business and benefits users through the use of technology. The demands for IT managers will grow as businesses expand their operations to a digital platform.

  • Provide proper business plan specifying technology to meet the user requirements
  • Provide appropriate plans, policies, and strategies to overcome possible future technical complications.

Web developer

Web developers mainly focus on designing websites and other technical aspects. Web developer jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 13% over ten years.

  • Develop websites that reflect creativity, along with the use of scripting languages and programming techniques.
  • Design presentations, videos, animations, and games, using multimedia tools, programming languages, and graphs.

You can opt-out for various other ICT professions. The scope of the ICT fields is increasing rapidly. Other professions like software developers, analyst programmers, web administrators, ICT quality assurance, etc. and much more travel Australia to work, live and study.

Top 5 ICT jobs in Australia
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