Common Reasons of RPL Rejection by ACS

Common Reasons of RPL rejection by ACS

Common Reasons of RPL rejection by ACS

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning, which is a report written to Australian Computer Society by those willing to migrate to Australia with an outset of ICT related career but does not hold a degree of ICT qualification or come from another background to IT. Thus ACS provides an opportunity to those candidates for assessing their knowledge and skills through RPL report who would otherwise not meet ICT criteria. RPL Report should be carefully written and have plagiarism free content. During RPL report writing, applicants should make sure that they are not copying any material from any of the published sources found online. It is strictly restricted to use any plagiarized content in the ACS RPL Report Form, and it may become the reason for rejection of the report and the whole immigration process. Australian Computer Society (ACS), assesses the working experience of the applicant in the ICT field by reviewing the RPL Report. Positively assessed candidates can apply for Australian Skilled Migration Visa.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Project Report must be ultimately reflecting your work based on your real work understanding. The false and unreal data should be avoided in the description of the report. Each RPL project must show complete information of an ACS skill Assessment work experience in your working history with the appropriate knowledge of validation in applying the definite ICT learning in a working situation. All quoted or rephrased information must be noted, and all sources mentioned in the ACS Project Report. Suitable detail must be given to reveal the understanding and broadness of your ICT learning. Some significant points are given as :

  • Your ACS RPL must be real and unique content for effectiveness in the report.
  • Plagiarism free content is highly recommended.
  • The duplicate data or content from online resources would lead to rejection of the RPL report.
  • Insufficient work experience.
  • If your total work experience could not meet the eligibility criteria, then your RPL report will be rejected or assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of experience.”
  • The job description should also be written clearly with relevant information needed, as per ACS have mentioned.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment of skills for those who are not having ICT credentials or any tertiary ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society (ACS) needs a candidate who has acquired skills before they can migrate to Australia. Thus, ACS examines applicants with technical and non-technical skills. The ICT professionals or applicants need to submit their qualifications and work experience to the ACS for Australian Skills Migration. Hence, the ICT professionals without any certified ICT qualification have to provide ACS RPL Report Form.

Common Reasons of RPL Rejection by ACS
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