Australia visa renewal: Extend your stay

Australia visa renewal – Extend your stay


Australia offers a differing scope of learning and study chances to overseas students. Australia has alarming numbers of international students in the world. Every year, there is a massive flow of international students in Australia for study purposes. Australia’s visa lasts for a specific period.  If candidates prefer to extend their stay, they need to prepare beforehand for their visa renewal. The essential points to be considered are listed below:

Required Documents

After the visa comes to an expiration date, most of the students apply for a permanent residence. There are many visa options that make you eligible for a permanent residency visa. You must have all the required documents ready.

a) English competency proof

  • Academic qualification records
  • Evidence of meeting health and character requirements
  • Evidence of work experience (if any)
  • The positive skill assessment document (if required)

b) Total Points earned

You need to score points more than 65 as per the rule. You can calculate your point on the SkillSelect points table. For example, the maximum points for a software engineer are 75, according to the immigration department. It depends on your occupation on how much points you need to apply for a permanent residency.

  • Occupation
  • Academic qualifications
  • English Language proficiency
  • Work experience if any

Apply for Subclass – 485 Temporary Graduate Visa

Applicants can apply for a temporary graduate visa after their visa expiration. This visa allows them to live, study, and work in Australia temporarily after the completion of their new educational degrees from Australia.

  • Graduate Work Stream (18 months validity)
  • Post-Study Work Stream (2 – 4 years validity)

If your occupation and skills are listed on the Skilled Occupation List, then a temporary graduate visa is an excellent pathway.

With the given period of temporary visas, gain as much professional experience as you can to earn more points for permanent residency in Australia. As the addition of one-year work experience will grant 5 points. Once you have your temporary visa- 485 issued, you won’t be able to apply for it again.

Professional Year Program

This program is for overseas students who graduated in the field of computer science, engineering, and accounting from Australian University. You can gain new experiences and skills through this program. It will eventually help you in getting 5 points after the completion of the professional year program.

Job Ready Program

Another factor that will help you in getting your permanent visa application is a job-ready program. Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) provides a Job Ready Program allowing overseas students to gain qualifications and experience in their relevant field.

Employer-Sponsored Visa

If an employer is willing to nominate you for your skills, you can apply for an employer sponsor visa. Given that your employer is an Australian.

Seek professional assistance

In case of confusion, you can always rely on professional help. is providing expert advice for your further inquiry.

Australia visa renewal: Extend your stay
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