ACS Skill Assement Document Checklist

Acs Skill Assement Document Checklist

ACS Skill Assement Document Checklist

All the necessary documentation must be submitted containing the following essential points:

  • Integrate the pages in one PDF document for each qualification and employment record
  • The Maximum upload limit for PDF is 3 MB, and make sure the file is not encrypted or read-only mode.
  • High-quality color scans are required( maximum of 300 dots per inch)
  • The documents are uploaded to the online application form
  • Re-name the file while submitting additional or new documents to avoid confusion
  • Screenshot the application summary page before submitting the application
  • An accredited English translation must translate papers written in foreign languages into English.

It is advised to review the ACS requirements in detail before jumping into conclusions to avoid any mistakes.

  • Personal documents

The candidates are required to submit a clear copy of the identification page of the passport. The name used in the application must match with the name in the passport. They must provide a copy of proof of a change of name and a curriculum vitae. If applicable, candidates are required to submit a proof for priority request application and migration agent authorization (if appointing an agent to an existing application)

  • Qualification documents

This part includes a clear copy of the academic transcripts and other certificates or completion letter for the Australian qualifications. The educational documents must have a proper title of the degree along with the name of the University. It must state the date of the degree completed. The documents should also list subject names and the grade points.

An approval letter from the thesis supervisor, along with the abstract of the thesis, should be submitted.

Note: if you have provided Microsoft vendor qualification or CISCO vendor qualifications, the vendor login credentials are to be submitted in a PDF format for verification purposes.

  • Work experience document

A recommendation letter on a company letterhead signed by the authorized person or a third party statutory declarations is the foremost requirement.

Employment reference part contains the details below:

  1. Start – End date/ To Date of employment | hours worked | Specify country
  2. Define duties performed in details about the claimed project work

Statutory Declarations

The documents should state it was witnesses before the authorized people, along with the proper date and place it was witnessed. A third party colleague must write it in a managed way. The work colleague must describe their working relationship with the candidate and the duties performed. The declaration must provide:

  1. Employment certificate
  2. Leaving certificate (if no longer working for the company)
  • Payment evidence
  1. This part must include at least two different types of documentary from the list of categories below.
  2. Tax records, payment summaries, group certificate, a notice of assessment
  3. Payslips and Insurance/superannuation documents quoting names of the applicant and employer
  4. Bank statements showing salary records from the employer

ACS skill assessment duration

The maximum duration to process the assessment by the ACS as defined in their guidelines is from 10 to 12 weeks. If you prepare a decision-ready application with all the proofs needed, it will be processed in a small amount of time.

If the visa deadlines are less than 12 weeks from the date of the application, then priority processing is given to such candidates. Given that the evidence of the visa deadline must be uploaded as a PDF file. It may include the following:

  • Visa stamps showing the deadline in their passport
  • Visa entitlement verification online webpage showing the visa expiry date

ACS Skill Assessment Status

With the credentials provided by the Australian Computer Society, you can log in to your dashboard and track the current status of your report being processed.

ACS Skill Assessment Validation

The ACS evaluation is valid for two years, and the evaluation cycle is of 12 weeks.

Renewal of ACS Skill Assessment

After two years of the ACS assessment, the ACS evaluation gets expired. If the validity gets expired before the Visa lodgment process, candidates must renew their ACS assessments too. The renewal process requires your experiences to be updated. Candidates can indeed reuse their transcripts and diplomas. For fast tracking, candidates may send their old assessment reference ID for fast-tracking.

ACS Skill Assement Document Checklist
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