Things to consider in an employment reference letter

employment reference letter

Things to consider in an employment reference letter

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Focus on the relevant job description

Use unique and plagiarism-free content on the report. Include your real work and experience in the reference letter. Never copy from other resources. The work experience must be at a professional ICT level and relevant to the nominated occupation to be assessed as suitable.

While writing an employment reference letter, don’t forget to mention the start and end dates of each employee in a DD/MM/YY format. If your employment is “Current,” then state the term “To Date” and include the date the reference was written. It would be best if you were sure to meet the criteria and mention the worked hours clearly in the reference letter.

Define sufficient work experience

You should accumulate adequate work experience before applying for the Skills Assessment. Australian Computer Society (ACS) has set a standard for minimum work experience required to meet the skill level requirement. Work experience only after the skill level requirement met to date is counted as Skilled Employment and qualified for the migration points.

Employment reference is the verification of the candidate’s capability. Try to be more specific to the selected occupation and explain the employment duties and responsibilities you performed in the field that highlights your active areas.

Use valid signatures

The employment reference letter must be verified/signed by your employer or any person authorized by your employer. The name, position, and other details of the person making the referral must be included.

The essential things that should be referenced in the employment reference letter for ACS are given below:

  • Specific dates in a DD/MM/YYYY format for the total duration of the employment.
  • Position in the specified field of employment
  • Duties performed during the employment
  • Previously played roles and responsibilities should be specified– if applicable
  • Working hours – Full-time/Part-time and actual hours worked per week
  • Specify the country employment was undertaken
  • Organization Letterhead marked by the approved individual (digital signatures acceptable and must be valid)

If there is an occurrence of “current” employment, the expression “to date” must be included, and the date the reference was composed must be incorporated. The thought of the experience can be taken uniquely up until the submission date of the candidate’s application. A proper description of the duties in the claimed area must be included.

The work scene can be evaluated as unsatisfactory if the provided dates and tasks performed are misinterpreted. The work experience completed as a significant aspect of capability isn’t considered for skilled employment and will be accounted for as “Concurrent Employment.”

Things to consider in an employment reference letter
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