ACS Work Experience Deduction Calculation

ACS Work Experience Deduction Calculation

The ACS migration skills assessment can be achieved if your educational qualifications and work expertise are of ICT level. It must be closely associated with the appointive occupation (ANZSCO) for migration functions.

  • Requirements, course units, employment episodes are assessed to determine if it is considered an ICT professional unit or not. This assessment outcome can confirm if the qualification may be a Major, Minor, or if the ICT content is insufficient.
  • Only the occupation closely related to the ICT units is assessed.
  • Determines the amount of work experience required to meet the suitability criteria
  • Employment episodes are also evaluated to determine if they are related to the nominated occupation.

ACS surveys your training to coordinate your degrees with Australia’s instructive framework and give authentication to guarantee ICT major or minor status, including your work understanding. A positive ACS evaluation is required to ensure instruction, work and mate focuses on Australia PR application.
Australian Computer Society will deduct a minimum of two years from your work experience, considering it as a training period. The maximum that is deducted from the work experience is six-eight years. However, the number of years to be deducted depends on various factors like work experience not aligned to the educational degrees.

Examples for reference purpose

Let us suppose you have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or engineering that is an ICT major and closely related to ANZSCO code. You completed your qualification on 31st Dec 2001, and you have a relevant four years of work experience from 1st Jan 2002 to 31st Dec 2006. Your two years of work experience is deducted in this process, according to the ACS suitability criteria. Therefore, your Skill Requirement Met Date will be counted from 31st Dec 2004. The work experience after 2004 is taken as skilled employment and eligible for point test of skilled migration.
Whereas for a Bachelor’s degree with ICT major but not related to ANZSCO code like B.E in Electrical and Electronics,  a total of four years is deducted from your work experience. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is considered as an ICT major if this profession has the involvement of at least 25% of ICT subjects.
Graduates from non-computer science background are considered as ICT Minor along with a related ANZSCO code. A total of five years is deducted from their work experience. For graduates from MBA or other degrees, a total of six years is deducted. They are considered ICT minor and are not related to the ANZSCO code.

ACS ‘AFTER’ Start Date

The important topic is the “after month” that is mentioned in the ACS skill assessment report. ACS does not specify which date to use in your Australia SkillSelect EOI (Expression of Interest). According to the ACS guidelines, you can use the date you filed your ACS application to use in your EOI.

ACS Work Experience Deduction Calculation
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