Writing ACS skill assessment report on your own

Writing an ACS skill assessment report on your own


Are you thinking of migrating to Australia as an ICT professional? You have a wide range of choices to pick from.

ACS is the government body that performs skill assessment for skilled migration. They provide specific rules and regulations that need to be followed for migrating to Australia as an ICT professional. The candidates who are willing to migrate has to undergo particular criteria. If the candidates are from an ICT background, but the qualifications are not sufficient or if not from an ICT background, you ought to make an RPL report.

Recognition of prior learning contains a summarized version of the ACS suitability criteria. You can opt for migration agents to create your ACS RPL report. They will guide you in every step until you get a successful outcome. Their professional guidance will remove any chances of rejection and fulfill your dreams for Permanent Residency. Whereas for people who want to prepare their RPL report themselves, there is no pressure for getting professional help. Although, writing an RPL report on your own might be a hectic work. One will require a lot of time, research, and effort.

RPL report, if written correctly, will increase your chance for your visa acceptance. ACS requires two project reports from the last three years and five years to complete the RPL form. These projects must define the work done nominated in your field of expertise. The form includes part given below.

  1. Project summary
  2. Identification
  3. Duration
  4. Resources
  5. Personal development
  6. Roles and responsibility as per ANZSCO code
  7. Business opportunity or problem

iii.        Solutions

  1. Contribution to the solution
  2. Problem-solving method
  3. Major deliveries
  4. Results
  5. Solution implemented
  6. Assessment about the overall success or failure of the project
  7. Lessons learned

Documents required

  • Candidate’s position in his/her professional year
  • Academic qualification and transcripts.
  • Training documents.
  • Documentation for the projects worked.
  • Meetings attended by the candidate.
  • Records of compliance.
  • Task performed.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • The perception of the candidate’s workplace.
  • Review of performance and appraisal documents of the candidate.
  • Incident reports.
  • Relevant license.

Guidelines for ACS RPL report

Writing an RPL report on your own is tough. Your report will go through rules and regulations applied by the ACS, and a small mistake will result in your report rejection. So proper steps must be taken if you don’t have any professional help. Here are some guidelines that will help you in your assessment.

It would help if you described the network topologies implemented. The aspects of project management and quality assurance techniques should be explained. Your report should highlight the processes involved with the design of the system. The methods used for database and file design, along with the programming language adopted, should be included.

It would be best if you described all the ICT managerial activities, system analysis, methodologies, and the nature of your responsibilities to your ACS assessor. This way, you can summarize your report for ACS assessment.

Writing ACS skill assessment report on your own
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