SkillSelect to make an Expression of Interest (EOI)

SkillSelect to make an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Candidates (skilled workers or business persons) are required to submit an EOI online using SkillSelect if they want to migrate to Australia. EOI is not a visa application, and there are no charges to submit in the SkillSelect. EOIs are valid for two years. You are required to update your information if your circumstances change. If you receive an invitation to lodge a visa application, you cannot edit your EOI.
EOI is updated for the following purpose.

  • Gained new work experience, high qualification
  • Improved English language ability
  • Family make up has changed

These changes will affect your points score and improve your ranking. False or misleading information may lead to refusal of the application. Similarly, your EOI will be removed from the SkillSelect if you don’t lodge your application in response to either of the received two invitations.

Step 1: Create an EOI in SkillSelect

Fill in the personal details required to create your account.

  1. Name and family name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Country
  4. Gender
  5. Passport and citizenship details
  6. Place of residency
  7. Relationship status

Confirm the information with valid email and password. You will be provided with an EOI identification number via email. It is needed for login purpose later on.

Step 2: Sign in

With the provided login credential and identification number, you can log in to SkillSelect. Fill in each section with correct information. You can save your details and come back to it anytime.

Step 3: Visa type

Pick the type of visa application that is applicable. More than one visa can be selected.

Step 4: English Language test details

The type of English language test undertook must be listed. It may include the date of examination, test reference number and test scores.

Step 5: Education and qualification details

It includes the details about your education history and qualifications as:

  • Qualification name
  • Course name
  • Institution name / Country
  • Start and end date of the study

Step 6: Skills Assessment

You are required to provide your skills assessment information by the assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

  • Name of your nominated occupation
  • Name of the assessing authority
  • Date of your completed skills assessment
  • Reference number provided by the assessing authority

Step 7: Employment History

Employment history from the last ten years with the following details included:

  • Position Title
  • Employer name
  • Country
  • Start date and end date of employment
  • Position related to the nominated occupation
  • Claiming points for the position

Step 8: Review and Declarations

Double-check the information you’ve entered, read and tick each declaration. Review your final application before submitting it.

Step 9: Download your Expression of Interest

You can download a PDF Document of your Expression of interest and also a pdf of your points breakdown.

SkillSelect to make an Expression of Interest (EOI)
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