Documents required for ACS RPL Report

Documents required for ACS RPL Report


Australia welcomes immigrants from different parts of the world as their demands for skilled workers increases. Every year thousands of them migrate to Australia for a better future. Australian Computer Society attracts thousands of ICT graduates every year.

ACS RPL report is a document that is submitted to the ACS society. Graduates who want to proceed with their IT career further but do not have sufficient ICT degree needs to provide an RPL report. RPL report is the gateway that will help them get closer to their Australia dream.

Preparing an RPL report is not an easy task. It requires tons of patience and diligence. People also opt for ACS RPL writing agencies for acquiring their positive assessment.

ACS society has different sets of rules and regulations that must be followed. ACS assessment plays a vital role in gaining points through education and your work experience.

You need to prepare essential documents before going in. These documents are used to verify your identity.

1. Birth Certificate / Passport

An applicant detail page in the passport must be provided. It contains the photo and address of the applicant.

2. Academic Degree / Certificate 

Applicants must submit their academic transcripts. The degree above 12 grade is tagged as tertiary education. The following things must be included in your transcripts.

  • Name of degree / Award
  • Date of degree accomplished
  • University name

3. Mark Sheets 

Mark-Sheets with subject names and the marks obtained should be shown.

4. Employment Reference Letter

ACS society demands a work experience letter from your recent job roles. It should include your duties, responsibilities performed during your employment period. The start date and end date of the job have to be mentioned clearly. Salary payment proof should also be included with an authorized signature.

Note: If you mention only the month in your application, ACS will take the last day of the respective month for calculating your work experience.

5. Resume / Curriculum Vitae

A resume is regarded as optional, although the guidelines require it to be submitted to the ACS society.

While filling your ACS form, the IELTS test result is not required. The ACS assessment processing time is said to be 10-12 weeks as per ACS society. Fees for ACS varies according to the need. For example, the RPL fee is $500. Similarly, the review and appeal application takes a total of $395 each.

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Documents required for ACS RPL Report
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